So why should you choose Chore Solvers for all of your house cleaning & errand needs?    

Let’s face it: you’re a busy person. You’ve got a career to look after and a family to keep happy and healthy,  and the last thing you want to do with your free time is to clean the bathrooms,  make the beds, mop the floors and run time-consuming but necessary errands -  but you don’t want to hire a maid service either. Between their sky-high prices and emphasis on profits, your home would hardly get the personalized attention it needs.   


Chore Solvers understands just how precious your home – and your time! – is to you.  That’s why we’re more than just a cleaning service.  We can customize our schedule to revolve around your needs, not our own.  So if you need a top-to-bottom house cleaning, we can do that.  But if you need us to pay special attention to one area of your house, then we can do that too.  We’re happy to customize a cleaning plan to suit your specific needs, or add special instructions whenever you need that something extra.  

After all, Chore Solvers is built around you: your home and your priorities!  

And that’s not all: Chore Solvers also offers friendly and affordable personal assistant services.   

Perhaps you’ve got a to-do list that’s a mile long, and it looks a little something like this: 

·         Clean the house 

·         Pick up dry cleaning 

·         Get groceries 

·         Organize pantry and closets 

·         Clean out the garage 

·         Buy an anniversary gift 

·         And help your child clean out their apartment… 

…Then why not let us simplify your life, one errand at a time?   Think of Chore Solvers as having your own personal staff on-call – just give us your to-do list and we’ll take care of the rest!